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Slim Interface

  • Digital sound processor without volume control and mute

    PN: 01131-2

    Solutions for call centers and offices with the most advanced technology in digital sound processing.
    Digital audio quality for softphone applications and voice over the internet protocol (VoIP). Interface with digital processing (DSP), which ensures sound clarity and conditioning, always keeping it on a comfortable level.

  • Características

    - Ideal for VoIP applications
    - Compatibility with audio broadband and narrowband
    - DSP Audio digital processing system
    - Allows the connection with headsets with Felitron QD cable to the USB port of the PC
    - Plug-and-play system that does not require the installation of software and drivers
    - Noise reduction and echo cancellation systems that ensure superior sound quality in VoIP applications
    - QD connector allows for quick connection and disconnection of the headset