Telephone Headsets • S8010 Stile series • S8010 VG

S8010 VG

  • Telephone Headset with a replaceable voice tube

    PN: 01120-2

    The S8010 series gathers all the resources a telephone headset system can offer. Equipment designed for use in call centers and offices, with superior sound quality, outstanding comfort and the highest technology in professional headsets.

  • Características

    - Headset with a replaceable voice tube
    - Electronic acoustic protection
    - Headset support included
    - Redial, flash and mute keys
    - Manual or automatic answer
    - Externally adjustable flash time
    - Three notes and four ring levels
    - Five receiving volumes with digital control
    - Compact and ergonomic design of the telephone
    - Innovative environmental noise reduction system
    - Advanced receiving system with excellent acoustic performance
    - Visual indication of functions: incoming call, in-use, automatic answer and mute