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Noise Cancelling VoIP

  • Headset USB with noise cancelling

    PN: 01132-4

    Innovative design, durability and the most advanced technology in DSP digital audio processing. With Felitron VoIP headset line, your company will be connected to the world of VoIP technology.

  • Características

    - Transmission system with a noise cancelling microphone
    - Ideal for VoIP applications
    - Compatible with audio broadband and narrowband
    - Plug-and-play system that does not require the installation of software and drivers
    - Noise reduction and echo cancellation systems that ensure superior audio quality in VoIP applications.
    - Ultimate DSP digital audio processing system
    - Headband cushion of hypoallergenic material
    - Stainless steel voice tube design for longer durability and better performance
    - Foam or leather ear cushion
    - Digital volume and mute controls